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Abdulqader Cafe – Video (With Subtitles)
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Clicks Over Coffee

The Daily Tribune – 10 Jan 2011

Bahraini photographer Noor Abdulla Al Bastaki could not have chosen a better place than Abdulqader Café for her exhibition. Located in the heart of the Manama Suq, the café is a landmark for those who love old traditional coffee shops and food.
Run by three brothers Abdulqader Al Qaed, Abdulla and Salah, the coffee shop has been fragrancing Manama air with the smell of fresh coffee beans for more than 35 years.

The idea of organising an exhibition at the coffee shop worked well for Ms Al Bastaki because she found exactly what she was looking for — real people. “I wanted to try out something different as this is my first solo photography exhibition. I wanted to shoot people going about what they do every day, I couldn’t find a better place for something like that,” said the satisfied and proud 25-year-old who also works as a customer service executive at Credimax.
“I have taken around 55 pictures of men sitting in the coffee shop. I’ve also taken a few pictures of the shop. All photos have been attached to chairs at the coffee shop for people to see.”
Talking about her experience while shooting at Abdulqader Café, she says: “The café visitors have been more than nice. They are all very friendly and sweet.  There are times when I’m unable to make time for photo shoots at the coffee shop, I get calls from the visitors as they wonder why I am missing – I feel special.”“I am grateful to Abdulqader Al Qaed for his support and allowing me to click photographs of his café.” Ms Al Bastaki has participated in a number of exhibitions in and out of Bahrain. She says, “I have participated in various group exhibitions in the US, Germany and the UAE.” She adds, “This exhibition, however, is the most special to me as I have always wanted to click pictures that highlight simple living.”
Ms Al Bastaki’s work was supported by family, friends and many others throughout the preparation of the exhibition. “In addition to the support I get from my family, many visitors supported me. Most of them had good things to say about the work I had done,” she added. “A number of artists, poets and tourists also came to see the exhibition.”
The exhibition is on till January 15. The coffee shop and exhibition are open between 4am and 10pm.

Abdulqader Cafe – First Solo Exhibition

Sitting in the corridor… Drinking tea and eating traditional food. Time passes so fast and the clock does not represent the time in this place, but the period that people spend talking to each other and the happiness they feel when meeting friends. This is time in this cafe. Each person is considered a part of time. Every person in this place is special because of what he adds to the cafe from talks (Sowalef) to tales mixed with the sounds made by tea spoons and small cups of tea with milk. The simplicity that fills this place is the part that makes it alive because people here are simply enjoying everything around them. What is beautiful here is seeing the joy on their faces despite any circumstance they are going through. Here they open their hearts to each other. In this cafe visitors come from all regions, ages and backgrounds to gather under a blue shade and to escape daily life problems and issues, whether cultural, political, religious or social, and when you listen to what they say, you find a diversity of opinions and ideas

The beauty of this place is the relationship between the people of the place and its tools. A beautiful picture of tea cups, chairs, tables, beads (Almsabih), blue sky, and people’s talks, screams and laughs. You see a beautiful image and atmosphere you only see in this narrow corridor. This relationship between the tools and people makes the place lively and rich in life, the simplicity of this place makes it distinctive and special. The love in this cafe shows when you see the owners of the cafe Abdul Qader, Abdullah and Saleh engrossed in providing an atmosphere of happiness and comfort to those men who spend half of their day in their Café. Their love for working together in this cafe makes the people love this place and get attached to it

When I entered the cafe for the first time and began photographing the faces and the place, I felt joy in the faces of the people there; so I decided to make my first exhibition in this place which is filled by the wonderful, precious love..

البستكي لـ «الوسط»: المعرض الفوتوغرافي مبادرة جريئة تعيد الاعتبار لتراث منسي

Alwasat Newspaper – 6 Jan 2011

البستكي لـ «الوسط»: المعرض الفوتوغرافي مبادرة جريئة تعيد الاعتبار لتراث منسي

في «مقهى عبد القادر»… نور تحتفي بذاكرة المكان الذي يملأه الحب

المنامة – حيدر محمد

هنا في «مقهى عبدالقادر»… أحد أشهر المقاهي الشعبية في سوق المنامة القديم كسرت الشابة البحرينية نور البستكي الحواجز التي تحول بين الفن والناس عبر معرضها الشخصي الأول للصور الفوتوغرافية والفيديو الذي افتتحته صبيحة رأس السنة الميلادية الجديدة.

وتسرد البستكي لـ «الوسط» حكاية المعرض الواقع خلف سوق باب البحرين: «هنا في هذا الممر الضيق الذي يتوسط «مقهى عبد القادر»، وهو مقهى يعود تأسيسه لعقود طويلة من الزمن اخترت أن أقيم معرضي الشخصي الأول… إنه احتفاء بذاكرة المكان… إنه تكريم لهؤلاء البسطاء الذي يمنحون هذا المقهى جاذبية بوجودهم الجميل… هنا يشربون الشاي، ويأكلون الأكلات الشعبية، ويتبادلون أطراف الحديث عن الماضي.

وتقر البستكي أن إقامة معرضها الأول في مقهى شعبي يمثل مبادرة جريئة من فتاة على غير مألوف العادة، في مجتمع لايزال محافظاً، غير أنها محاولة مهمة لإعادة الاعتبار للبسطاء من رواد المقهى من مختلف الجنسيات والأديان والأعراق والأعمار الذين يمنحون هذا المكان الضيق أفقاً واسعاً بحيويتهم وعفويتهم.

وترى البستكي أن إحياء هذه الأماكن التراثية عامل حيوي لإنعاش السوق مجدداً، ويمكن استثمار كل الزوايا القديمة في السوق .وتتمنى البستكي أن تلقى هذه المبادرات الثقافية اهتماماً من ج الجهات الرسمية ذات العلاقة، ومن أبرزها: وزارة الثقافة، قطاع السياحة، وزارة شئون البلديات والتخطيط العمراني، محافظة العاصمة، بلدية المنامة، المجلس البلدي لبلدية المنامة. هذا بالإضافة إلى المؤسسات الأهلية والقطاع الخاص الذي يمكنه أن يكون شريكاً مهماً في إنجاح هذه الفعاليات.